We look forward to working with you on your EV charger installation project. 

The following questions are pertinent  to start your EVcharger permitting process. Please answer below 

FYI – Our installation &  invoice process:

  • Now  that you accepted and paid the  $175 permit preparation fee.  We will start your permit preparation/drawings/ loads and  building permit application to the city 
  • Once the permit is approved we will send you an invoice for the exact amount of the city permit. Varies depending on your property history 
  • Once the permit is issued we will schedule the installation.
  • 2-3 days before install we send an invoice for the material cost * once paid we schedule the electricians to purchase all your necessary materials and to be onsite.
  • After installation we will send an invoice for Labor completed. 
  • Lastly is the final inspection.  * Usually 1-4 weeks after installation. After we pass inspection and your work is guaranteed we will send one last invoice for final inspection.
  • Once the final invoice is paid we will email you the signed permit card for your records.
  • We are happy to answer any questions.