To get a fast quote for a first-time EV charger installation, use our EV Project Request.  If you you are in our Bay Area service area, use this form to book an expert consultation for $100.  Our paid consultation is with a licensed electrician whose specialty is EV charging stations and a great option if:

  • you would like to talk with an expert and weigh in alternatives and discuss concerns
  • if your main panel is in the back of the house and 100 feet or more from the desired install location
  • if you already have an EV charger but want to change it up (e.g., add a second one, or upgrade your panel)
  • if you are in a rush or want a custom installation

Our expert will meet you on site for an in-person consultation.  We value safety and can also do the consultation part over a Zoom call and measurement on our own, once we arrange a good time and your permission to visit your site.