As EV charing and solar gain in popularity, many of our customers find their home's electrical setup outdated for their power needs (for example, unable to handle the load of a second EV charger). Coupled with the new 2021 NEC load requirements, many Bay Area homeowners find that even their first home EV charger requires a complete overhaul of home electricity - either, a main panel upgrade, or a sub panel upgrade, or a sub panel addition. To best help you, we ask that you let us know some basics so we can assess whether you are in our service area and estimate an initial project quote.

For upgrades, upon your acceptance of the initial project quote, we need a non-refundable $325 deposit to initiate the PG&E approval (incl. pictures and load calculations as required by PG&E) and then city approval. The non-refundable deposit does not include the city permit fees.

Currently, we are experiencing up to 3 months for PG&E approval in our Bay Area service area. In addition, each city in the Bay Area we serve is taking up to 3 - 4 weeks.

If you would like to contact us about general electric inquiries, click here.