Permits can take from 2 weeks up to 3 months due to COVID. LumiSOL offers a service to get your permit and navigate all the complexities of the permitting process for you at a cost ranging between $500 to $1,400:

  • Cost includes fees due to the city, our preparation and load calculation fee and $450 flat fee for inspection. The $450 flat inspection fee covers our scheduling service and the certified electrician's time meeting with the inspector (note that each city gives us a 4-hour window of time for final inspection).
  • City and preparation fees vary based on the history of your property, whether your property is a historic building and amount of inquiries we need to resolve with your city Building, Fire Marshall and Electrical departments.
  • City fees become due at point in time we receive a pass or approval of your permit.

For your convenience, we provide approximate price ranges for our permit service by city.

San Mateo County

Santa Clara County:

(last updated August '21)

  • Campbell / San Jose: $500 - $750
  • Cupertino: $500 - $750
  • Los Altos / Los Altos Hills: $500 - $850
  • Mountain View: $550 - $850
  • Palo Alto: $650 - $1,400
  • Santa Clara: $500 - $650
  • Saratoga: $550 - $875
  • Stanford: $600 - $750
  • Sunnyvale: $500 - $700

If you'd like us to start the permitting process, submit your information below with a $100 permit preparation PayPal fee.